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Working for justice and praying for peace in Ireland... WELCOME TO THE IRISH NATIONAL CAUCUS BLOG Ceade Mile Failte -- hundred thousand welcomes! We believe the U.S. has a vital role to play by applying a single -- not a double-standard in its foreign policies towards human rights in Ireland. In particular, we believe the U.S. must not subsidize anti-Catholic discrimination in Northern Ireland. That is why the Irish National Caucus in 1984 initiated the MacBride Principles.

Saturday, February 23, 2013





I don’t think anyone has ever made a greater impression on me than Marian Price.
She and her late sister Dolours are, of course, iconic figures in the Irish freedom struggle. Indeed, there are probably no two women or men to match their heroism.

And, yet, it was not Marian’s heroic stature that so deeply moved me. It was, rather, her gentleness, soft-spokeness and loveliness… That despite all the outrageous, vengeful, cruel and vicious treatment by the British-Northern Ireland Government, she remains a dignified, gracious and beautiful human being.

I visited Marian in her prison-hospital in Belfast on Friday, February22, 2013. Along with her attorney and husband, I spent ninety minutes with her.
I had gone back to Ireland for a family funeral. And the first thing Marian did was to express condolences to me.
There she was --- almost two years in prison, six months gravely ill in prison- hospital, and just trying to recover from the death of her beloved sister --- and she the takes time to comfort me!

The British-Northern Ireland Government is criminal in its treatment of Marian. Anyone in a position of power in Ireland – North or South – who has turned their back on Marian is criminally irresponsible. Shame on them, and shame on former colleagues who have deserted her. This is one of the most shameless incidents in the sad history of the Irish struggle.
How can one have confidence in a government that treats Marian Price in such a vicious way? Is this what we were promised by the peace-process? Is this what the political Parties, North and South, are asking Irish-Americans to support?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fr. Mc Manus Visits Marian Price

County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Friday, February 22, 2013 –
Marian Price was visited today by Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Washington-based Irish National Caucus. He spent ninety minutes with her, accompanied by her husband Jerry Mc Glinchey and her attorney Peter Corrigan.
Fr. Mc Manus said: I have been raising Marian’s case with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Congress, and I wanted to visit her to show both personal and Irish-American solidarity. My heart was broken and my soul outraged by how this heroic Irishwoman has been treated. This seriously ill, lovely, soft-spoken woman should not be in prison. Her persecution – yes, persecution – makes a mockery of the Irish peace-process, questions the whole judicial system, and raises doubt as to whether there has, indeed, been a “ new beginning” to policing in Northern Ireland. Surely Peter Robinson, Martin Mc Guinness, David Ford and the NI Secretary of State must know that there is something rotten with their government’s treatment of Marian.”
Fr. Mc Manus added: "I was so impressed that despite all the inhumane treatment and judicial misconduct, Marian has maintained her dignity and self-respect.”
He concluded: “ When Peter Robinson and Martin Mc Guinness come to Washington for their annual St. Patrick’s Day visit, the hard truth will be this: No matter how nice or encouraging their words, their message will be overshadowed by their government’s treatment of Marian. Her cruel mistreatment will mock their words, telling Washington there is still something rotten in Northern Ireland.”

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catalyst Global-- Racist and Religious Bigotry?

                                   Sexism and Profanity, Too

Capitol Hill. February 17. 2013 --- A leading Wall Street company has erupted in an outrageous display of apparent racist or religious bigotry, with profanity and sexism thrown into the mix.

 Catalyst Global LLC, with a Fifth Ave address, has responded to a request to sign the Holy Land Principles with, “ Go f- - k yourself – clear enough.” (Full obscene email below).
The Holy Land Principles are a corporate code of conduct for American companies doing business in The Holy Land (Israel-Palestine-West Bank, Gaza Strip-East Jerusalem).The Principles are based on the Mac Bride Principles ( for Northern Ireland), which Fr. Sean Mc Manus, president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, launched way back  on November 5, 1984.

Fr. Mc Manus launched the Holy Land Principles on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2013, through an updated edition of his Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland … and The Holy Land.
He said: “ We wrote to all the 570 American companies doing business in The Holy Land urging them to sign the Holy Land Principles. Most companies have responded politely; there have been a few discourteous responses; but Catalyst Global is truly shocking.”
The Irish-born Catholic priest, now also president of Holy Land Principles Inc., continued: “ Prescinding from the unprofessional crudeness, profanity and disrespect, what possible racist or religious bigotry would motivate such an outrageous eruption? And to make matters worse, the response was made to Barbara Flaherty, our Executive Vice President, who had followed up on my behalf with an email requesting the Company to respond to my letter urging them to sign the Holy Land Principles.( See Barbara’s email below). So a bullying, sexist attitude has been thrown into the mix, as well. If nothing else, it certainly proves that Catalyst Global needs to sign a corporate code of conduct. If that is their public attitude, God only knows what their attitude is to their employees in The Holy Land. Please bear in mind, we emphasized to all the Companies that we would be publishing their replies”
Fr. Mc Manus concluded by explaining that Ms. Flaherty’s email had been sent to Mr. David Collins, founder of Catalyst Global, and also Investor Relations Contact, at this email address:
However, a Mr. Eric Lentini responded on behalf of Mr. Collins and Catalyst Global.

            From:             Eric Lentini <>
            Date: February 15, 2013 2:48:53 PM EST
            To:      Barbara Flaherty <>

Go fuck yourself - clear enough
Contact information

Catalyst Global LLC
104 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Telephone: 212 924-9800
Fax: 917-338-1796
Skype: catalyst.global2012

-----Original Message-----
From: Barbara Flaherty [/src/compose.php?]
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2013 2:44 PM
To: Barbara Flaherty
Cc: Barbara Flaherty

February 15, 2013

Dear Investor Relations Contact,
This is my second email to you requesting a response to the letter sent to
you and the CEO of your Company on December 14, 2012 by Fr. Sean Mc Manus,
president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus and the Holy Land
Principles, Inc.

As I said in my first email, along with his letter, Fr. Mc Manus sent each
of you a copy of his Memoirs, My American Struggle for Justice in Northern
Ireland . And The Holy Land.

In our experience dealing with these issues, it is unusual for a Company and
its IRC not to respond to such requests.
Furthermore, the Holy Land Principles campaign mandates us to publish the
responses - or lack thereof - of all American companies doing business in
the Holy Land.

The Holy Land Principles are based on the Mac Bride Principles, which were
also launched by Fr. Mc Manus on November 5, 1984. Initially, companies
opposed these Principles, but after the Mac Bride Campaign became very
powerful, many Companies signed the Principles. And now, the Mac Bride
Campaign is considered the most effective campaign ever against
anti-Catholic discrimination in Northern Ireland. Fr. Mc Manus is determined
- along with countless others  -- that the Holy Land Principles will, too,
become a powerful force for good. As he says, " Surely no one can argue that
Catholics in Northern Ireland deserve these Principles but Palestinian
Muslims and Palestinian Catholics do not?"

We, therefore, look forward to a prompt response, and to your Company
signing the Holy Land Principles.
The way to " sign" the Principles is to send Fr. Mc Manus a letter affirming
your Company  " will make all lawful efforts to implement the Fair
Employment Practices embodied in the Holy Land Principles in your operations
in The Holy Land" - the very same language used by companies signing the
MacBride Principles.

Thank you for your attention.
Barbara Flaherty
Executive Vice President
Irish National Caucus
Holy Land Principles, Inc.
P.O. BOX 15128
Capitol Hill
Washington, DC 20003-0849
Tel. 202-488-0107
Fax. 202-488-7537