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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strong Irish Views at State Department

Capitol Hill . April 24, 2012 --- Irish-Americans today voiced strong concerns at a State Department Briefing.

The Briefing was “ off the record,” which means the State Department officials cannot be quoted.

“ However,” explained Fr. Sean Mc Manus – President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus – “ it can be said that Irish –American leaders from across the country expressed strong concerns.”

He continued : “ When the meeting was thrown open for discussion, I was first to speak and I immediately raised the cases of both Marian Price and Gerry Mc Geough.

Sean Pender, National Chairman of the Freedom of All Ireland Committee, followed up  with the issue of collusion and the continued stonewalling of the British Government on many killings.

Peter Kissel, leader of the Washington Chapter of the Irish American Unity Conference , weighed in on the Boston College tapes and cases like the Ballymurphy Massacre.

Other issues raised were : immigration, the case of the deportees, the peace walls, the need not to ignore the plight of working-class or deprived Loyalists who feel left out of the political dialogue.

Fr. Mc Manus explained : “ I also had intended to raise later in the discussion the need for a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights, but time did not permit. However, all of us were very pleased with the meeting. Our issues were listened to with attention and respect. We are very grateful and hope the State Department will continue these Briefings. I -- and several  others -- expressed  great confidence in, and respect for,  Hillary and we hope she can help with these issues.”


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