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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finucane Assassination Went to Top of Government

Statement by Fr. Mc Manus
Capitol Hill. October 13, 2011 – It would be a mistake to think that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was just being gratuitously cruel in his treatment of the Finucane family. He had raised hope he would allow a Public Inquiry into the state-assassination of Pat Finucane in 1989. He even invited the Finucane family to 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, October 11 to announce his decision to them… only to tell them that there would be no Public Inquiry.

Why would he do that? Because at the last moment, the spooks – those who really run all things to do with Ireland – told him to back off … that a Public Inquiry would expose to the world that the British Government, at the highest political, military and security level , ordered and facilitated the assassination… that it was just the tip of the iceberg… and that it would be shown that state-assassination and collusion were an enduring, fundamental and systematic policy of the British Government in Ireland.

There is no other possible explanation because I am sure David Cameron is not personally a sadistic person.

And that is why the U.S. Congress now more than ever before must stay focused on Northern Ireland.


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